Is a unique project that harmoniously combines the three most popular recreational women sports which are: RUNNING, YOGA and PADDLE BOARDING. With us you will experience a day full of fun, positive energy and also practice sports with your friends. In addition to the main program there are many other engaging activities for women only. Don’t forget that by participating in our program you will support the prevention of cervical cancer along with the The League Against Cancer (Liga Proti Rakovine).


Yoga promotes and develops femininity, self-esteem and kindness. Consistently practicing YOGA has healing, rejuvenating and beautifying effects on a woman´s body. Overall, it increases daily energy, helps you enjoy life, be happy with your body and that´s why we start our JUSTWOMAN day with yoga.


JUSTWOMAN day continues with a 5km run in a pleasant environment in order for you to heat up and release the endorphins to improve your mood.


A new sport similar to surfing. In contrast to surfing, you just simply stand on the paddle board and paddle. At first glance it may seem challenging, but in fact it is a very easy sport that you can enjoy during and after the finish of JUSTWOMAN.